Wait Time

Your grace period is determined by your pick-up location and starts at your scheduled pick-up time.

Non Airport Pick-Ups
10 minutes

Airport Pick-Ups
Domestic flights: 30 minutes
International flights: 60 minutes

When the grace period has passed, we will contact you. If we don’t hear from you within 10 minutes your ride will be canceled, and you will be charged for the full amount of the ride contracted, including any applicable wait time. If you arrive at the vehicle within 5 minutes of the grace period ending, there is no wait time charged. If however, the 5 minutes pass in addition to the applicable grace period, you will incur wait time at the rate of $1 per minute for all preceding minutes.

No Show

Performance Livery is NOT responsible for fees resulting from mistakes, the weather, family emergencies, double booking, incorrect dates and times or wrong information. Performance Livery will make every reasonable attempt to get in touch with the client scheduled for pick up. ALL NO SHOW PASSENGERS WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL AMOUNT AS CONTRACTED, SANS GRATUITY. NO EXCEPTIONS! We appreciate your understanding.


We understand that life happens and clients may occasionally need to make a cancellation. In the event that you wish to cancel your scheduled ride, we require 12 hours advance notice. After that, Performance Livery will offer a 6 hour grace period, during which clients will not be charged any penalty. However, ANY LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS MADE WITHIN THE FINAL 6 HOURS OF YOUR SCHEDULED TRANSPORTATION WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 25% CANCELLATION FEE. When you cancel a reservation please make sure that you receive an email cancellation notice which will show your cancellation number, time you cancelled and date. This will assure you that your cancellation was accepted as per our cancellation policy to avoid being charged a 25% CANCELLATION FEE.